It all starts with a palm!

An artisan is an artist who changes the nature or form of the material, to give rise to a work of art - LA ARTESANÍA. She makes a masterpiece with her hands that is unique and one of a kind. And we highlight other characteristics of their craft.
Each hand-made piece always carries a history of traditions with a technique that has been passed down for generations in the Northern part of South America.  Women teach their daughters how to make use of the Iraca Palm and its techniques.  By teaching them, they are preserving a millennial practice.  Unfortunately, it is a practice that is being replaced by globalization and the use of cheap and sometimes dangerous materials that are mass produced and have a negative impact in our planet. 

Our bags are all biodegradable and no harmful chemicals are used in the process, making them environmentally safe.  The Iraca Palms are dyed using colors extracted from plants, and are then hung to dry and then used in these exclusive designs.  

It has been a dream of ours to bring this technique and these amazing bags to the U.S.  We believe in fair trading, sustainability, and the right of everybody to pursue happiness!  There's nothing we love more than to share our finds with you and to be able to spread the word about the beautiful Colombian artisans.