Blue and Natural Napkin Rings  - Set of 6

Blue and Natural Napkin Rings - Set of 6

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These beautiful handmade napkin rings are a super cute touch for your table setting.  Your guests will be delighted with these Iraca Palm Orchid napkin rings.  Handmade by artisan women in Northern Colombia, these gorgeous Orchids are the perfect addition to your decor. 

Each ring is completely handmade, no machines are used in the process.  Each set can take up to 10 days to finish.  The attention to detail is superb.  

When you purchase these napkin rings, you are not just purchasing a product, you are supporting women who have passed their skills to their daughters, you are providing a means of living, you are supporting a millennial tradition.
Each napkin ring is handmade and it takes from 7 days to sometimes weeks to complete by hand, no machines are used in the process. You will have the imprint of each artisan in each of the items we carry, each is elaborated with the skills and passion they have acquired through their ancestors.
These fearless women are the backbone of their community, they are warriors, they are a tribe, they know that just as the weaves they are stronger when they are together.

Set includes 6 Napkin Rings

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Our dyes and materials all come from sustainable sources, improving performance in environmental, social and ethical issues has become a major part of the overall process

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We believe our artisans deserve a proper compensation for their time and passion. That is why we work closely with them and always make sure they receive a fair pay.